Top Attractions In Kentucky

Kentucky is a great state with many tourist attractions. If you’ve never been to the state, then you should book a trip there, and you should consider moving there. With that said, here are some of the top tourist attractions in Kentucky.

1. Kentucky Horse Park- One of the top attractions in the state is the Kentucky Horse Park, which is a working horse farm and a great place to bring kids. You and your family will learn a lot about horses and there is a large campground, so you can go camping there and explore the area. There’s also a museum located at the park and the museum contains exhibits that relate to horses. Let’s not forget to mention that the park has many other attractions and you can easily spend an entire day or a few days at the park.

2. Mammoth Cave National Park- This park is home to impressive cave systems, and if you visit the park, then you’ll have the chance to view Diamond Caverns, the Lost River Cave and the Outlaw Cave to name a few. There are various lakes and rivers you can view and you can take part in fun activities such as fishing, canoeing, swimming, boating or water skiing. Other fun attractions include zip-line rides, balloon rides and kangaroos. The nearby area is fun to explore, so after you view the caves in the park, you should check out the surrounding area.

3. The Ohio River- The Ohio River is one of a gorgeous rivers in the state and it offers you the chance to do a host of activities. You can go for long walks or take part in various water activities, but make sure you bring your camera because you’ll want to take as many photos of the river as you can. Also, if you’re a fan of fishing, then there’s plenty if places to do it along the river, but make sure you bring a lunch with you because you can easily spend hours along the Ohio River in Kentucky.

Visiting Kentucky is something everyone should do, and you should think about moving there. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you pay a visit to the Kentucky Horse Park, the Mammoth Cave National Park and the Ohio River. After you visit those attractions, make sure you explore as much of the state as you possible can.