Reasons To Visit Goodlettsville TN This Year

There is a small city in northern Tennessee that is called Goodlettsville. It is a place that you could visit for a couple of days. If you are on a vacation, traveling through Tennessee from west to east, you will find it about midway. People typically stay there if they have been in Nashville for a couple of days, and they want a little break from the city itself. Here are just a few reasons why Goodlettsville TN might be a good pitstop on your trip across the state.

Parks And Landmarks In Goodlettsville

A place that you can begin is a fun filled park that is perfect for children called Moss-Wright park. It is a laid-back location, one that will allow you to either stretch your legs, or take your kids out so they can run around. If you are looking for landmarks that are representative of this area of Tennessee, you can start with the Bowen Plantation House. You can learn a little bit about the history of plantations in the South, and from there you can go to the Historic Mansker’s Station Frontier Life Center which gives some background on frontier life from centuries ago. If you are going to stay there for several days, you will definitely want to spend a little bit of time looking up hotels, and potentially rentals if you would like to stay a little bit longer than just on a vacation.

Hotels And Rentals In Goodlettsville

There are quite a few apartments and rentals that are available if you ever did decide to stay. However, if you are just there for a few days, you can book your hotel online for a discounted price. You could stay at the Motel 6, the Baymont Inn, or the Marriott Nashville. These are all great places that you can get for right around $70 on average.

If you need to slow down on your trip across Tennessee, Goodlettsville is a nice place to be just for a little bit of a break as you are on your vacation. You are really going to have a nice time there, whether you are traveling on your own, or if there are multiple people with you that can also get a place to stay. To find out more about this destination, you can look at their website online. This will allow you to plan for what you will do when you finally do arrive in Goodlettsville in northern Tennessee.