Reasons To Go To Kentucky This Year

Although many people will visit the state of Tennessee, specifically going to Nashville, they seldomly had up into Kentucky. People have heard of this state, but they may not know about all of the things that you can do once they arrive. If you are traveling into Louisville, Lexington, Frankfort or even Bowling Green, there are activities that will be available for everyone that is visiting this beautiful state that is bounded on one side by the Ohio River.

What Can You Do In Kentucky?

Keeneland it is a great place to start. It is a horse track. You have also probably heard of the Kentucky Derby where horses are racing. Although horses are often associated with this state, along with ranches, there are other things that you can do. There are national parks, some of which have caves such as the Louisville Mega Cavern and the Mammoth Cave National Park which is a great place to visit. There are lakes that you can visit including Kentucky Lake, and also Lake Cumberland. You can also go kayaking out on Elkhorn Creek, and take tours that are offered by people that are in the area.

How Much Will It Cost To Stay

The price of the trip is simply going to be dependent upon where you stay, what hotel you use, and how long the trip actually is. The cost is not going to be that much more than any other major city that you would stay in. For example, if you’re going to go to Louisville, you will likely be able to find all of the major hotel chains. Just use one of the travel websites, book everything in advance, and you will be able to save quite a bit of money.

Kentucky is a beautiful location, one that is actually very shocking to people that have never been there before. They probably never knew that there were caves, or that one of the primary focuses of people in the state are ranches, horse racing, and all things related to animals. However, there are nightclubs that you can visit, shows that you can see, providing you with modern amenities galore. It’s a great place to go, a vacation that you should certainly book this year if you want to do something special. Best of all, it is centrally located, adjacent to many other states. You can just head out from there to experience what other states also have to offer once you have seen Kentucky for a few weeks.