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4 Places To Visit In Kentucky

Have you ever been to Kentucky before? If you haven’t, you should realize that this is a very beautiful state with many attractions that you may have never heard of. For those that have been to the Kentucky Derby, or simply driven through Louisville or Lexington, you probably got a taste of what this state has to offer. This southeastern state which has the appellation Mountains on one side, and the Ohio River on the other, is a destination that you will enjoy if you go to the right places. Some of these are in urban areas, whereas others are natural locations that will amaze you by what you will see.

Four Places You Should Visit

The first place on the list, if you are looking for a natural attraction, is going to be Mammoth Cave National Park...

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What To Do In Kentucky Once You Arrive

A trip to Kentucky may be one of the best vacations that you ever take. There are so many things that you can do once you arrive. Kentucky is mostly known for the Kentucky Derby, and the racetrack Churchill Downs, but there is so much more to do other than watch horse racing. There are outdoor activities, casinos, and places where you can play games. You can take tours of the historic sections of the many different cities. If you decide to head into Lexington, Louisville, or Owensboro, you are going to have a great time visiting these unique locations.

Where To Start in Kentucky

There are a couple of different tourist attractions that you might want to go to. First of all, you might want to stop in at the Mohammed Ali Center...

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