The Home Is No Longer A Safe Haven

I remember a time when people believed that the best way to stay safe was to stay home, but this is not always a guarantee. There are many crimes that happen in homes all across the United States and it proves the point that you are not really absolutely safe anyplace. I recently read a Read More


Top Attractions In Kentucky

Kentucky is a great state with many tourist attractions. If you’ve never been to the state, then you should book a trip there, and you should consider moving there. With that said, here are some of the top tourist attractions in Kentucky. 1. Kentucky Horse Park- One of the top attractions in the state is Read More


4 Places To Visit In Kentucky

Have you ever been to Kentucky before? If you haven’t, you should realize that this is a very beautiful state with many attractions that you may have never heard of. For those that have been to the Kentucky Derby, or simply driven through Louisville or Lexington, you probably got a taste of what this state Read More


Reasons To Go To Kentucky This Year

Although many people will visit the state of Tennessee, specifically going to Nashville, they seldomly had up into Kentucky. People have heard of this state, but they may not know about all of the things that you can do once they arrive. If you are traveling into Louisville, Lexington, Frankfort or even Bowling Green, there Read More